The days of traditional surveying and manual measurement are gone.  Laser scanning is quickly becoming the norm in the AEC industry.  Different parts of the building can be measured with laser sharp accuracy minimizing the number of job visits required as the jobsite which saves significant time and money.

Laser scanning (also known as LiDAR) is a method of surveying that uses optical remote sensing technology to measure a distant target.  It can collect up to 1,000,000 points per second to produce a dense collection of individual measurements known as a “point cloud” with a positional accuracy of 2mm.  By taking a distance measurement in every direction, a laser scanner rapidly captures the surface shape of objects, buildings and landscape.  The resulting data is a point cloud which is a set of data points in a three-dimensional Cartesian (X,Y,Z) coordinate system.  The “points” within a point cloud represent the external surface of an object.

TITAN AEC is the national leader in laser scanning technology.  Our teams have scanned over 30 million square feet.  We have extensive project experience in retail, healthcare, adaptive reuse, aviation & transportation, infrastructure and commercial projects.  All laser scan data can be tied back to survey control for project precision.  Our consulting teams can convert all laser scan data to a three-dimensional BIM or a two-dimensional as-built drawing.